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24 December 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Sanctuary 2x10 "Sleepers": Tesla (Jonathon Young) makes everything better. Everything. Even truly bizarre direction and editing.

Cats: Jenny is in heat. Jasper is de-equipped but still willing to give it the old college try. Helllllp.

Holidays: I grew up with eggnog (non-alcoholic), fruitcake (by reputation only), and figgy pudding (mythical for all I knew) as the only distinctive Christmas foodstuffs. I keep being surprised by what seems to be standard in the British (or just English?) verson of Christmas, which seems insanely codified and entrenched. I didn't even know what a satsuma was until David Tennant's first full "Doctor Who" episode. And now ... sprouts? Really? Weird.

Fandom: From the Mick LaSalle review of the new Sherlock Holmes movie:
In this version, he [Holmes] is a sensitive neurotic who completely falls apart between cases. He stays in his room and doesn't wash, and his only contact with the world is Watson, who is not a bumbler (like Nigel Bruce in the old movies), but a handsome and capable fellow, a physician and a war hero. In fact, Holmes depends on Watson so much that he is terrified of losing him and does his best to sabotage Watson's relationships with women.
And of course, on seeing that last line, my first thought was "Norina!". Except for the swapping around of details — because McKay would be the tortured genius and Sheppard his savvy, dashing assistant — this sounds like about half the Earth-AU fics I've read. Countdown to fusion fic in three ... two ... one ....

Fandom 2: At Writercon, some of the bigger names in SGA were worried the fanworks would peter out and the fandom would die. I scoffed. "Have you seen the 'Firefly' newsletter?" I asked. "Compare the SGA one. I can't keep up! We're fine!" Anything over 10k immediately went into my "read later" bookmarks, and even then I was overwhelmed. Then the newsletter grew sparser. I figured that was just Big Bang preoccupation. Then days went by with nothing for me to read (because I've figured out that certain pairings do nothing for me, so if the rating is above Teen/PG13, I shouldn't bother), and I thought "NaNo? Maybe?" but figured maybe the fandom really was dead after all. Nope. It was preoccupation with writing and/or beta for Big Bang and NaNo and SGA Santa and who knows what, because now I'm back to drowning. Gah! I can't win!
lyrstzha: Rodney&John: blimey_iconslyrstzha on December 25th, 2009 05:10 am (UTC)
I don't see SGA dying as a fandom any time soon. I think it will see the same changes as, say, the Buffyverse has. Things are quieter over there than before canon closed, and it goes in fits and starts around challenges and so forth. But there's still plenty of vibrancy, and good things to read.
michelel72: SGA-Rodney-NotMorningmichelel72 on December 25th, 2009 07:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, I knew I probably was speaking at least partly in terms of wishful thinking, but I didn't see death on the immediate horizon back then and I certainly don't now. I look at something like Doctor Who fandom and I can't imagine trying to navigate that level of insanity. SGA fandom is just about the right speed for me — relatively speaking, at least. (Eyes 40 open browser tabs ....)