michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

Accomplished, and yet

So, I finally managed to get several things done — I've applied for my first passport; I've restocked cat supplies; I've gotten a new, higher-capacity-DVR cable box.

And I've donated towards Haiti relief.

I don't tend to get involved in much, and I regret that. I never really have the time, energy, or skills for most charity needs; cat rescue is one of the few exceptions. I often wish that I could feel more effective by donating funds, but that feels so remote and uninvolved, and I often have issues with most agencies through which funding can be channeled (such as the American Red Cross).

That said, for Haiti, right now funding seems to be the best possible contribution from someone like myself who can't be on-site providing literal direct relief. I chose Doctors without Borders [ETA: and Partners in Health], which as far as I know is unobjectionable.

I'd like to build a reference of agencies I'm comfortable donating to, for both immediate needs and potential ongoing support. (I don't want to get involved with agencies with religious ties or affiliations; or agencies supporting issues I don't; or agencies with questionable legal/financial management or excessive fundraising/overhead expenditures.) As far as I know, Goodwill is a good candidate for donated products. I'm curious about Oxfam America. Beyond that, I don't know.

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