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As violetcheetah will attest, there's a series of Dr Pepper commercials that would always drive me to seething rage.

"Diet Dr Pepper: tastes more like regular Dr Pepper!" they would exclaim.

"Than what?" I gritted. "Than WHAT?? Than it used to? Than another brand? Than road tar? Which is it?!"

I was reminded of this today when I was searching the FAQ at Comcast.com and browsed through this entry:

Why do Comcast channel lineups differ from market to market?
Comcast channel lineups differ by market for many reasons -- all of which are better for you. [...]

Leaving aside the entire question of whether they bother to support that assertion (hint: no) ... better for me than what? Or better for me than for whom? It's so vague I don't even know what type of comparison they've omitted!

[Snarl ... seethe ...]
Tags: curmudgeon, hulk smash!, language

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