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27 January 2010 @ 12:59 am
The name game (OC irritation mix)  
I'm working on a brief (no, really!) story to serve as backstory for an unpleasant little fanfic. This one primarily involves OCs, which aren't normally my thing; that's just how this one worked out.

There are two primary characters I need to handle, with a third on the sidelines. One of those characters already gave me naming problems (so I've just named her Anne and she's going to have to live with it). Because of that, I thought it might be wise to Google the last name I picked for the other major character, because I don't even know where I got it and I don't want any bizarre, unintentional allusions.

"Capricci", having as it does a dictionary connotation of pranks, whims, or whimsical music, does not work at all for this guy, a dour musical illiterate. Sigh. And no, it doesn't even work ironically. However, I did think to Google italian surname, and I found an article at about.com, and the very first surname I clicked there works passably on a metaphorical level. So, yay, he's got a name.

I don't even much care about this story, is the thing; I just want it done. On the upside, I don't think I have plans for any more OCs for a good long while after this ....

ETA: On the other hand, using Google to try to determine the likely age range in which a precocious little girl is likely to enjoy tea parties could have been much more scarring than it turned out to be.