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"I would really... like to hear you say the word ...

... passport."

Mine arrived yesterday. I feel so accomplished, finally getting one.

The picture is dreadful, of course. I knew it was; nowadays, it's done by a bored CVS clerk with a digital camera, trying again and again until you aren't blinking and get sick of saying, "No, I don't like that one enough." So I knew full well it was bad; but there's only so "good" a photograph is going to come out without a full studio session. Besides, you can't really make it out anyway, thanks to the anti-fraud markings obscuring it, which seems like a pretty poor design but what do I know. Even so, wow, I never knew my nose was that much of my face. The comparison "as plain as ..." has new meaning for me.

The passport's smaller than I expected, somehow. It's the electronic kind, so I should track down one of those lined sleeves I've heard about. Eventually.

But now ... now I can go back into Canada one of these days! Or even another country! ... whoa, headrush from the crazy talk.

Icon is unrelated except that I'm tired and wanted to show off violetcheetah's lucky catch of Suzie yawning. I don't know if I'll reserve it for yawns, or maybe laughs, or maybe evil ... I think it reads as any of those if you look at it right.

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