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I'm gonna regret this, I bet

So I've never done challenge writing before. I've never been much good at developing a plot from a brief suggestion, just to start. And deadlines and I ... yeah, it's best if we just don't speak, because we always end up arguing and then they start throwing things and I storm out and ... it's just a whole drama, you know?

Yet I've signed up for the Rodney & Teyla Thing-a-Thon. It's just ... I've read some kick-ass stories pairing them, and they're even allowing gen R&T friendship this year, and even with that only eight people had signed up so far, and I finally scraped together three suggestions, and ....

And I'm pretty sure this can't end well. Sigh. The deadlines look a little generous from this side, at least, and it doesn't have to be my usual epic!! sort of thing. I can come up with 1k words of these two awesome people being awesome together, right?

... Yeah, I'm doomed.

(So, you know, more folk should come sign up too! Join me! We can fail together, or you can point and laugh as you blow past me; what's to lose, right?)
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