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Idle question for genfic fans

I thought about making this a poll, but I'm too lazy.

I'm involved in a few (a very few) cross-fandom comms, and in a recent discussion, multiple people asked where they could find more genfic.

We have the wonderful stargategenrec comm for the Stargate 'verse, of course, and its sister comm psychgenrec for Psych. (Thank you for those, sgatazmy!) We also periodically get recs for gen as a category in stargateficrec, and of course we have quite a lovely group of writers producing and reccing more gen. We're lucky, in SGA; genfic might be in the minority but it's still represented.

Would anyone have use for a polyfandom genfic comm? This would be for announcements of new fic (and possibly art/vids/icons). Rec postings might also be encouraged, depending on traffic and interest. Searches could also be permitted. Tagging would have to be in use, helping track fandoms at a minimum. Guidelines would provide the format for posting, including how to handle borderline-gen questions or background pairings.

The comm would not condone bashing of slash or het fic; the point would be to promote genfic and allow folks a place to find it when they're in the mood, not take up sides.

Good idea? Nice but unnecessary? I don't really need a new project, but at the same time, if launching a new comm and setting up its guidelines would really fill a need, I'd be willing. So if you think it would be redundant or unnecessary, please feel free to say so ... but if you'd actively use it, please let me know that, too.

ETA: I went for it. If gen's your thing, check out polyfandom_gen.
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