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Beta needed: SGA Sticks & Snark fic

It's done! It's done! At long last it's done! ::KermitFlail!:: Which means I need a beta with a quickness, since I have to post by the first or second or something.

The fic is ~25k and is for the Sticks & Snark exchange, so no one who's in the exchange (unless it's okay for recipients and non-recipients to be revealed early; this is my first time with this stuff and I'm trying to play it safe). Is there anyone around here who would be interested in tackling it this weekend, perhaps?

I'm not so much looking for SPaG (though notes on that are always appreciated); I'm more looking for someone who will kick my butt and not let me get away with anything. I'm especially concerned with any slippage of character voice and with whether the structure/pacing works or has problems. I have a non-fandom beta and a checking-for-locale-headdesk-errors beta, but I don't have a formal in-fandom beta who has signed on to beat me up (metaphorically) ... so here's your chance, folks!

And I am truly sorry I didn't get this done much sooner, to allow more time for beta and revisions.

Anyway, interested parties, please let me know. I will now go sleep for a day or two.

ETA: I now have a pair of tough cookies on my case. Or something. Heh. Thanks, all!
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