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DW 5x04 The Time of Angels

No spoilers in this post; no guarantees for comments.

Now that is what I was hoping for from the new season!
In contrast, Behind the Sofa's Neil Perryman nails one of the greatest problems I've had with the series before this point. (This point was made in specific reference to "The Beast Below", but it applies to various extents to all three initial episodes.)
Ah, but it's all a fairytale, isn't it? It's not supposed to make any sense. Er, well, in that case stop trying to weave intricate plot threads that are supposed to lead to logical conclusions - and stop imploring us to pay attention to these details in order to work it all out. It's not working.
To be honest, my greater problem has been the way the show has served as an object lesson for why "show, don't tell" is one of the most basic writing directives ever, but the "it's okay because it's a fairytale!" defense is one I've expected to hear in response to both that and the completely incomprehensible plotting. (TWoP's Jacob has used that defense before, but to my surprise, he seems to have the same problems with the early episodes I've had, which is a surprise.) But I don't have nearly that reaction to this latest episode, so — at least for now — I have hope that they just needed to get their feet under them.
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