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House 6x21: Help Me

Really, show? That's the note you want to end the season on? Really?

I mean, I'm sure various fans will be delighted, but it seriously leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That last scene really undermines Lisa Cuddy, who wasn't exactly the world's most richly developed character to start with. She gets engaged, and then the next day realizes, oh, wait, she JUST CAN'T HELP LOVIN' THAT (OTHER) MAN, and of course everything's all BINARY (she can have Lucas OR she can have House BUT she can't have anyone or anything else, right), so she has to kick Lucas to the curb? A guy who, until a few hours ago, was so important in her life she was going to marry him? A guy who doesn't dick her around and undermine her at every turn?

Look, I like the character of Greg House, but that's because he's so fascinatingly screwed up. He's done nothing to earn this. Nothing. He's crude, rude, and cruel to anyone who shows him the slightest kindness. He has decided his therapist can't make him happy and walked out of therapy, and his best friend has realized that a different relationship makes him happier and is pulling away. One moment of stepping outside himself long enough to talk a victim into accepting amputation, no matter how much he uses himself as the counterexample, really isn't enough redemption for everything he's done before. Making one human connection (that backfired on him) isn't enough to redeem his character, either. And having his lustbunny show up to say she loves him after all really isn't enough to counter the horrible mental space he was in five seconds earlier.

Could that ending have felt any more tacked on? The best I can come up with is that he is actually hallucinating. Which would also annoy me, because the show has already gone there and because I'm kind of sick of big! dramatic! stuff! without consequences.

That said, Thirteen asking for time off? So she might go away? That makes me happy-dance, I'll admit. I could get used to Taub/Chase/Foreman. Sure, women are underrepresented, but given how offensively the show writes women anyway, I can live with that.

Then again, maybe it's time to punt this show to the curb. Six seasons of "how cool is [faked!] medicine?!" is probably more than enough.
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