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Beta (no longer) needed: Epilogue to SGA Fic "Damper"

ETA: All set! (Original message below.)

I had meant to have an epilogue to Damper ready back when that story actually posted, but life got in the way. I've finally finished the silly thing. Would anyone be willing to beta-read it for me? I don't really need a SPaG review (though that's always appreciated); I'm more worried whether it flows properly, if anything's awkward, if anything doesn't make sense, that sort of thing. (I'm half tempted to post it without a beta, but I'm trying to break that habit.) It's a fluffy little preshippy/teamy thing (because for me, 4800 words is "little"), but it does follow directly off "Damper", so a lot of it won't make sense without that. Many thanks to any who consider it.
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