michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

Al Qaeda blooper reel??

I'm going to maintain a healthy skepticism, but if this is for real ... good show.

On the one hand, it seems odd -- the typical military/administration message is that al Qaeda is lurking in your basement and will pop out and eat your children any second. A video showing key members of the group screwing up would seem to defuse that and to humanize them.

But on the other hand ... footage of "tough guys" screwing up is funny. And it would seem to be a very good tool to improve the morale of their opponents. (I mean, how many videos have we seen with W. misspeaking or wandering the wrong direction?)

So I can respect this. As long as it doesn't include one of the fighters getting a soccer ball to the crotch. Or Bob Saget hosting.
Tags: politics

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