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Not actually funny, Colbert

I get that The Colbert Report is a comedy show. I get that it's Colbert's job to keep people laughing.

Manny Howard's story of beating a rabbit he was raising as part of his superior-yet-ignorant city farming attempt — a rabbit that only attacked him because he didn't know enough to leave her alone when she growled (because she was pregnant and felt threatened by the incompetent blowhard), a rabbit he beat severely enough to paralyze her — is not fucking funny. I can't imagine why Colbert even prompted for that story, and he did look a little gobsmacked as it developed, yet they both egged on the crowd to keep laughing.

It is in no way "self defense" to beat to death a captive, largely defenseless animal you're harassing. [All the links I see to the video online say "almost beat to death", but he said he paralyzed her and later that the only thing worse than eating her would have been not eating her, confirming her death — as if I believe that he would "only" have paralyzed her in a survivable manner or that he would have cared for an animal he had thus injured. He beat her to death.] It is absolutely not something to just laugh off. The man just confessed to animal cruelty on the air, committed in New York City and confessed in the same jurisdiction. Someone needs to arrest that ass and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Special episode of Animal Cops, anyone?

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