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Trolling the storyfinders

So, Toft has been trolling** sgastoryfinders for the past two years.

(ETA 1749 EST: Now flocked.)

I can't say I'm offended or hurt, exactly, at least not on my own behalf. I only expend so much effort searching for fics I haven't read myself; if I don't trip over a useful search string early, well, I can't afford the time.

But. Some people make the time, because the whole point of the comm is helping out one's fellow fans. If I recognize the poster and have good associations — for example, if the seeker is a writer of stories (in and out of SGA) that I've enjoyed — I'm more likely to put in extra effort myself. I feel very sorry for anyone who has been hurt by this nonsense, and all my sympathies are with them. I do hope the community as a whole will not be adversely affected.

I honestly don't see any way in which it's funny or entertaining. Trolls are a waste of time and energy, and I have little respect for anyone who finds trolling entertaining. (The posts themselves are ... there, for me. I have no use for toilet/naughty "humor", though. I am not entertained as a seeker or as a finder.) I can sort of understand trolling a hate community, but trolling a good-faith mutual-assistance community is inexcusable. It's not cool or edgy or funny; at best, it's a sign of emotional and social immaturity.

It's interesting that this follows so soon after mabfan's Reading Writers You Hate. Make no mistake: I do not in any way think that inane trolling is remotely equivalent to such offenses as Holocaust denial. I will extrapolate, however, that I am unwilling to offer profit to anyone who knowingly acts to hurt others. The currency of fandom, for its writers, consists largely of feedback and recommendations; and I will no longer be providing either to Toft, who should be ashamed (for reasons far more fundamental than the contents of the faked searches).

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