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Dead (horse) tropes

Dear "Eureka":

[Not cut because no actual spoilers.]

You know that technique of opening a show with action!sequence! and then giving us "N hours/days earlier ..."?

Yeah, that shit was tired when BSG got hold of it. BSG ran it to death, hopped off, and beat the corpse. "Sanctuary" then danced a tarantella all over the corpse to stomp it into the ground. Then "FlashForward" came along, reanimated the corpse, and proceeded to engage in unspeakable activities with the zombie.

It's overdone, is what I'm saying. So overdone as to be skunked.

That means if you're gonna use it, you'd better have a damn good reason. You'd better blow my mind. You'd better hook me good or fake me out. Since your use of it to open 4x06 "Momstrosity" added nothing — literally nothing besides one minute of airtime — you fail.

(Trust me. Sticking with your secondary open of shower!Jo would have snagged exactly the same eyeballs. Actually, probably more, sad as that is to say.)

It's a shame, really, because either I've given up or "Eureka" is a lot better this season, and I'd be quietly squeeing about that if not for the use of a trope so overdone (particularly on SighFie) that it actively irritates me.

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