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You tell 'em, Wilbur!

Thank you, Eric Wilbur!

I've been needing to tell someone to shut up for a while now. I just couldn't decide where to aim that directive:

- At Roger Clemens, Drama Queen Extraordinaire? "Oh, it's about time for me to retire ... again, some more. Or maybe I'll come back to the Astros. Or maybe the Sox, or the Yankees. I mean, I'm so wonderful and all, it doesn't matter that the season started over a month ago and I'm approximately 1000 years old, I know you'll all just wait for me to choose." As the saying goes, how can we miss you if you won't go away -- and stay there?

- Or at all the "news" articles about the whole "saga"? "This just in: He hasn't decided yet!" I mean, come on, folks -- if I wanted to be subjected to all this paparazzi-style coverage, I'd watch E!.

I don't exactly follow sports news avidly, and I'm sick of hearing about it. So a hearty "Amen" to Eric Wilbur, and a heartier "just shut up about it already!" to everybody else.

"Oh, but he was so great back when I was in diapers ... he could break a Sox record if he came back ...." Yeah, yeah, tell somebody who cares in the slightest. Which would be not me.
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