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Location scouting LOLfail

(Not really spoilery for Criminal Minds 3x08 "Lucky" or 4x18 "Omnivore".)

I don't notice a whole lot of location!fail in Criminal Minds — admittedly, I'm not looking hard, but not much leaps out at me (though I admit I was a little O RLY? about the prospect of a Florida town with only one church in the town proper, that solitary church appearing to be Catholic, and that town having a house with a full, semi-finished, somehow apparently dry, wood-and-brick basement ... yeah, that really doesn't make me think "Florida", guys).

But dude. Rte. 128 in Massachusetts, "just past Needham", looking like a two-lane road and having a stop sign within a block? Yeah, no. Here's a hint: The other name for that stretch of Rte. 128 is I-95, a six-lane divided interstate with breakdown lanes wide enough to carry rush-hour traffic five days a week. Crazy busy until about 2am, too, and with traffic moving at about 60mph. Looks less like a suburban street and a little more like — or rather, exactly like — this.

I'm not sure that even the northernmost reaches of Rte. 128 are anything like as pokey as what we were shown onscreen, but come on. If you're going to go far enough to give us a specific town, use Google Maps for a satellite image or something. Hell, you could have just said "Rte. 135" or "Rte. 16" and I wouldn't have thought much about it at all. But putting that quiet auto-breakdown scene on Rte. 128 near Needham? LOL, y'all.

ETA: Also, these overdone "Bahstin" accents are cracking me up. And the Boston detective investigating a Rte.-128-just-past-Needham murder, for that matter. Hee.

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