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Sanctuary 3x10: The Hollow Men

Yay, rocks fall Sister Clarice decrees, everyone dies! Now we can watch the adventures of Nikola as he takes over the Sanctuary ... and then the world! Shame about Henry, though. Nikola should find a way to get him back.

I know, I know, it'll turn out they just shift over into avatar!space or some damn thing, and Sister Clarice was just acting in front of the others to get their help saving her beloved civilization, blah blah, but the fact that I'd be just as happy with the show if that was the actual outcome? Not a good sign. I'm pretty sure there were some entertaining moments in the past, amidst all the painful raeg this show has given me, but I just haven't cared about this season at all (with the exception of "The Bank Job", which now feels like a twisted knife of could-have-been, and the flashes of personality from Nikola and Henry and, at times, John and Big Guy and Helen).

Just in general, though, could shows cut it out with the moronic cliffhanger thing already? If I care about the show, I'll come back for that, not to see how TEH DRAMATIC TWIST plays out. That worked on me when I was ten, sure, but nowadays I have Google to tell me how things turned out, and I seriously have far more competition for my attention. I can't be bothered to keep track of what left off where. The SyFy shows are particularly bad about using this annoying "hook", but they're not alone; Criminal Minds has used it too, more often than not. And it's irksome. Stop it, everyone, because I say so!

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