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Fanfic year in review: 2010

This was my second full year of fanfic writing, and it was much less productive. I adore my job, don't get me wrong, but it sucks up a lot of time and energy (and I'm fully aware I don't have it half as bad as my supervisor, ninjamonkey73). I'm down to "only" six cats, but they also demand time; I got involved in stargateficrec; and then little things like the occasional book or video game (damn you, Okami!) steal even more time.

I'm reading lightly in a few other fandoms (Chuck, Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Doctor Who, even Sanctuary), but I'm still monofandom in my writing. I just don't have any stories I want to tell in other fandoms, no matter how much I've enjoyed the source. I think a lot of that is character identification; Rodney McKay is my "in", and I haven't latched onto any other characters in the same way.

Published in 2010:

Relationship (It Sings): (8.9k) I called this my "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" fanfic entry of 2009, even though I knew I wouldn't publish it until 2010. It still stands in that category, I think. This was the odd case of a what-if turning into a full plot for me. It didn't get much response, and I don't blame anyone for that; it's not a fun story, especially for McKay/Keller fans (though I was careful to try to treat her fairly).

Relationship (As the Pictures Go): (6k) The backstory/prequel to the above, and even less popular, I think. It turned into a strange little story in the end, much more stylized than my usual. It made for an interesting exercise, though.

Damper: (26k) My favorite of the year. This was a rare deadline-challenge fic, and writing it reinforced my impression that I don't like the process. I came up with a different plot, immediately hit a wall, scrambled for this, felt very stressed finding a way to make it a story rather than a start, and then sat around for about a week with a finished (including beta) story I had to wait to post. I'm very happy with what I got out of the challenge, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of stress again. I also thought I was done with this 'verse … until I posted.

A Few Small Repairs: (4.8k) I came up with this during that waiting period, but I didn't finish it in time to post with the rest of the story above, so it became a standalone of sorts. It's just a bit of fluff, in the end, making the proto-ship element just a tiny bit more evident and ramping up the team elements. I'm pretty sure that this time I really thought I didn't have anything more for this 'verse. ::bitter laugh::

Isosceles, Acute: (1.9k) An angsty John fic, which is a major rarity for me, and an explicit fic, which is unheard of for me. (Ask the folks who've had me beta explicit fics.) This was another of those "came from nowhere" things.

That adds up to … ~47.6k words for the year, which is a surprise. I thought I'd produced significantly less compared to last year's 53k.

And just for the hell of it, I'll go through my uWIP list as well:
Untitled [Filename "Amnesia"; created 2010-05-11; 900, one-third done?]: An amnesia fic, inspired by a prompt on one of sholio's graduation posts. I have a start, and I had an idea of where I was going with it (it's meant to be short), but I can't really find a way to get to the flowery last sentence that was possibly the first part I wrote. I kind of like what I have so far, but there's just not enough to the story as a whole for me to care much about finishing it.

Antigonish [Created 2009-10-03; 14.5k, half-done?]: Post-Trinity. I hit a wall on this one last year (that is, 2009) and sent it out for help. sentientcitizen, valleya, and sophia_sol offered great advice, and I stripped out a very annoying element; I was able to get a little further, but I still don't have anything like a resolution. My only theory has been to use the Mysterious Effect in a standard rescue scenario; I got mixed reactions to that proposal, which is admittedly boring, but I don't know what else to do either. It doesn't help that I've written Rodney as being deeply angry here. I quite like reading stories in which Rodney is angry at mistreatment, especially when John is the perpetrator … but that's actually because I like getting to the fix-it part of the story, and I don't know how to fix it here! (I mean, I have ideas, but they are again trite and dull.) So here I am with 14.5k words that just stop.

Erase and Rewind [Created before 2009-07-02; 17k, less than a quarter done?]: Kidfic! Deaging kidfic! … yeah. This is one of those stories in which I was trying to work out what makes Rodney tick. I really like what I have so far, but my strength is in single scenes over a short period. Crafting a coherent narrative over a longer time isn't something I seem to be much good at. (This is in fact a theme of this post.) This was probably created in late 2008 or early 2009; the creation date seems to be when I moved the file to this laptop, which I didn't expect.

Element Wheel 'verse:
- Untitled part 2/4 [Filename "Charin"]
- Untitled part 3/4 [Filename "Convocation"]
- Fire and Rain (part 4/4)
. As I said above, I thought I was done with "Damper", more than once. I left the apparent primary plot open, but that was because resolving it in that story just didn't fit. After I posted, though, I started getting more ideas, and I eventually came up with a full arc.
. This 'verse has eaten my brain!
. It's really fascinating what it's doing to my storytelling, too. Rodney is usually my fiction avatar, but Teyla is equally primary in this series, and I've had to rework various elements multiple times to make her a true agent rather than a prop or typically weak woman. The story is much better for that. These will not be outright romance, even though they remain Teyla/Rodney preship; writing romance is neither my strength nor my interest. Explaining why their relationship remains stalled required examining Teyla much more carefully, and again, that has strengthened the story.
. Ronon, meanwhile, has been demoted to Teyla's usual tertiary role, and John has been demoted to Ronon's usual barely-there role. Since this is a preship series, that's not that bad, but I remain in awe of those who can write full Team fics.
. I want to name the "Charin"-tagged fic "And If Extinguished", from a really pretty song … even though that song doesn't properly fit. That makes me grumpy, because it comes so close! But it would be a WaterFire angsty-romance song, really, not an EarthFire-preship-with-Water-references song. Dammit. I may decide not to care. The "Convocation" fic is still quite sketchy, so I have no ideas for a title; the final installment is in fact named from the James Taylor song, and shut up.

Headhunters [Last modified 2009-02-14; 10.9k words, half-done?]: This is an even earlier attempt to figure Rodney out. The idea was to break Rodney all the way down, and when the problem was rooted out, have the others ask if he was all right; in a surprise twist, he would say "no", because what had been done to him had stripped away every one of his defenses. Then the second half would build him back up, via team caring (mostly Teyla and Ronon, with John frozen out). That second half doesn't really work at all, but I kind of like some of what I have for that first half. I'd like to find a way to redeem it somehow, but I haven't found a way yet.

The Mad Mechanic [Created parallel to "Headhunters"; 23.8k, one-third done?]: This is an AU alternate sequel to "Headhunters", one in which the evil scheme succeeded. It's ludicrously self-indulgent, but I'm fond of certain elements. I really don't see getting anywhere on this without first figuring out "Headhunters".

Interface [Created before 2009-07-02; 5.3k; half-done?]: This is basically a bit of fluff; John is hurt, and Rodney finds a way to keep him entertained … only the story is really about showing that Rodney is such a lovable guy. I know. Lost steam on this; I could probably wrap it up any old time, because I'm pretty sure where I was going to take it.

Loyal Servant [Created 2010-08-17; notes only]: Slavefic, and um. I don't want to be the kind of person who writes this story. This is gen but kink, really; the id is odd, especially mine. This story has been in my head for months, and I finally decided I might as well write out the notes. I know there are people who would appreciate the final story, and that's totally fine. Unfortunately, it's yet another case in which John unknowingly hurts Rodney badly, with no real fix.

Power [Created before 2009-07-02; 9.5k, one-quarter done?]: Speaking of not wanting to be the person who writes this story … yeah. Crossover with another universe — not just a Crapsack World but with management-by-noncon to boot. I really don't know about my head. Thanks to the multiverse structure, it's both John-and-Rodney friendship and John-hurts-Rodney angst. No real motivation to work on this one, shockingly enough.

Broken Mirror 'verse [31k of notes with some scenes mixed in]
- Resolve (part 2/3)
- Reprise (part 3/3)
I really thought I was done with "Remorse" when I posted it. Yes, that's a theme for me. I now have quite a lot of notes for the follow-ups, which have a natural division; between that and the rule-of-three from my old film school classes, I'm currently planning two sequels, as noted above. I even visited Vancouver this year, in part as research, and a lovely visit with shaddyr led me to rewrite the very first scene … but I've hit two problems. The first and most severe is that I'm not very good at plotting over large spans of time (yet another theme), and this by necessity spans several years. I have isolated scenes that don't really string together that well. The second is that the Element Wheel 'verse has stolen my creative energy. I do want to get this written, but … yeah.

Spellbound [Created 2010-05-01; 3.8k; less than one-quarter done]: Speaking of slavefics … this is that and a magic AU, but I'm not nearly as uncomfortable with it. I have a start, and I know where I mean it to go; yet again, the problem is filling in the details over several years of plot. I'm not all that passionate about this one, either, at least not at the moment. My interests do vacillate, though — hence the extensive WIP list!

Untitled sequel to "Displacement" [Filename AMTDI; 3.6k, half-done?]: I started this thinking it would be a literal AMTDI fic, but I sincerely don't want to write that; I wouldn't enjoy it at all. I've since had a few different ideas of where to take it, but none that excite me enough to pick it back up yet. Whatever this turns out to be, it will just be a bit of fluff that wraps up a thread left behind. It's mostly John & Rodney and Doctor & Donna friendship.

And that's it. I'll probably be working on "Element Wheel", though I do try to keep nibbling away at "Broken Mirror"; the rest will probably get tweaked off-and-on as the mood strikes me.

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