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"The Cape" 1x01 - 1meh who cares; "No Ordinary Family" season one-ish

The hero is an utter idiot. That, right there, is a deal-breaker for me. The supposed emotion is all schmaltzy relationship crap I could not give less of a damn about. The rare moments of funny aren't; every line and development is utterly predictable, in the bad way; the pilot reveled in the "flashbacks for the stupid" gimmick that "Tru Calling" made notorious; even the music is both overbearing and ludicrous. (OMG, the drama shots of The Cape — bwah!) It's like all the worst elements of "Heroes" got funky one night with all the worst elements of "FlashForward" and had a really repulsive offspring.

The whole "foreign accents signify villains" thing also pisses me off. And no, British-ish and Aussie-I-guess doesn't excuse that.

I really like Summer Glau; pity she couldn't have gotten a better show.
As for "No Ordinary Family", I really like the actors (the whole main family, the two sidekicks, even the conflicted hit man), but I sincerely don't give a damn about anything going on in the show. I haven't yet watched any of the episodes since the break, and I don't know if I'll bother.

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