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24 February 2011 @ 05:48 pm
Slow on the uptake  
I've been using Firefox at home for months now — going on a year, I think — because Delicious's bookmarking tools and IE8 have a whole matter/anti-matter relationship going on. Within days, possibly on the first day, I also grabbed AdBlock Plus, since the method I'd learned to block obnoxious ads on IE didn't apply in Firefox.

Granted, I haven't used the customization tools (manual blocking) in ABP that much, but still. I only just realized, today, that I can use it to block that thrice-damned, nightmare-inducing goat. The one I've complained about every single time it's been sprung on me since its redesign.

It's particularly galling in light of the fact that part of why work has been so damn crazy lately is that so many people have been so very slow to follow explanations and documentation. At least I'm not alone in having noticed (and in having been frustrated by) that phenomenon .....

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