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DW 6x03 Curse of the Black Spot: Is "snoritation" a word?

Well, that was crap. I could dwell on the tedious pace, the early tip that the "deaths" weren't because the BBC wouldn't have a main character so carelessly kill someone, the inclusion of a Tragic Moppet (with bonus Paternal Disillusion Add-On!), the lack of anyone to give a rat's ass about, the Doctor announcing that the TARDIS was headed for parts unknown and therefore exiting it, leaving it unretrievable, rather than staying in it until it settled down (since that would be, you know, logical and IT'S THE TARDIS AND THEY'RE STRANDED ON A BECALMED 17th (?) CENTURY SHIP WTF), the mysteriously disappearing Last Nameless Crewman, the Doctor's completely logic-free decision to switch tracks and court the Siren (because they would never kill off the Tragic Moppet in a meaningless death and they can't even be forthright about that), the recycling of the Chula nanogene gimmick with a thin covering of imagery stolen from Robin Cook's "Coma", the Doctor speaking of "our" planet for no discernible reason, the set-your-watch death of Kenny Rory, Amy's "pathetic even for TV" CPR, Amy's giving up quickly when Rory specifically trusted that was the one thing she would not do while the Doctor sat around completely uselessly, the extended "tragic" period in which Rory just lay there losing brain cells, the TARDIS's apparent complete lack of stasis fields (shouldn't have left the Siren's care, should you?) or for that matter any medical equipment possibly including sticking plasters even though it has a magical supposed pregnancy detector, Rory's random magical resurrection to the Shmaltzy Overpowering Soundtrack of Sap, the blatant attempt to manipulate the audience's emotions with that sequence, the utter failure of that sequence to summon a single emotion rather than annoyance, or even the Doctor suddenly using "virus" and "bacteria" interchangeably because it's so in-character for him not to know the difference, but ... meh. This one found the strange intersection between dull and annoying.

ETA: Actually, that last item might be an artifact of Eleven's speech patterns rather than his truly using them interchangeably; I certainly don't care to watch again to check. But I left out the whole "your modern Western Earth wedding ring will naturally convey to this unknown alien automated quasi-holographic system that you have a heterosexual pair-bond with her patient and are therefore not a threat" nonsense! Why oh why do people write science fiction if they can't be bothered to follow through with the implications of the elements they introduce? It's like this whole season is a showcase for privilege-and-centrism fail. Bah.

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