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12 September 2011 @ 10:43 am
Sports talk radio killed the ... radio star  
So my favorite radio station, hands down and bar none, has just been evicted so that WEEI sports talk radio can have an FM signal. And by "evicted", I don't mean it's moving elsewhere on the dial; I mean it's gone.

Mike FM was profitable and popular. What the hell?

I may be a Red Sox fan, but I don't listen to sports talk radio in the first place. I happily praised Mike FM at every turn. WEEI has now become the last station I would ever listen to and the first I'll malign to anyone who will listen.

Thanks for nothing, jerks.

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Current Mood: angryangry
E.T. Davidoffvettecat on September 12th, 2011 05:15 pm (UTC)
Hey, we posted the same complaint and the same link about 15 minutes apart! Obviously I didn't have time to read posts while doing so... but, yeah, I was really upset this morning. I don't get it either. Not happy. And I don't know what station to switch to... I'm leaning WZLX but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

BTW just found this, if you're on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Mike-FM-937/207395999324372?sk=wall
michelel72: SGA-Rodney-Skepticalmichelel72 on September 12th, 2011 06:52 pm (UTC)
That is interesting timing! I hadn't yet checked my flists; I was just too annoyed to wait until after work to post.

I'm not on FB, but the link is still visible to me, so thanks.

As for a replacement, I just don't know. Entercom apparently has another FM station that sounds absolutely dreadful, personality-wise. As for my other stations ...
- 92.5 WXRV is wonderfully mellow and hip but too far away for me and, really, too obscure much of the time;
- 92.9 WBOS is passable but too generic;
- Coast 93.3 Taunton (too far from you) and Mix 104.1 are too "OMG! CelebriNews!" and "drunk-in-the-club pop" to be primary for me;
- 94.1 HJY and 95.5 WBRU (both out of Providence, so too far for you) are good enough when I'm specifically in an Alternative Rock mood but too narrowly focused on that format;
- 100.7 WZLX is similarly too narrowly focused on classic rock;
- 105.7 WROR is too oldies-and-stupid-humor to be anything but a fourth-tier just-before-CDs backup;
- Magic 106.7 is too diva-pop and chops its songs to pieces anyway, which offends me.

I played with the scanner in the car during a run to the post office this afternoon and tripped over Easy 99.1 out of Plymouth, of all places; the four songs I heard in the car were a nice enough mix, and their website shows a reasonable mix of eras and styles. So I'm going to check them out for a while, I think. I've completely redone my presets, and we'll see what replacement station I end up spending time on (if any) ....