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Doctor Who 6x10; Eureka 4x11

What is this? I'm liking stuff? Who am I and what have I done with ... me?

Doctor Who 6x10 "The Girl Who Waited": (No real spoilers) I kind of hate the open (primarily for the false! urgency! and the brief appearance of the Idiot Ball), but other than that, this episode works for me. Interesting, fascinating character dynamics, bad-ass-ness and devotion in rewarding distributions, dark elements. My DVR choked on the recording, and I'm glad I managed to track this episode down regardless. (I always forget I have OnDemand, because it never seems to have anything useful ... until now.)

Eureka 4x11 "Liftoff": I'm only just now catching up on Eureka, having had no time, but I need to deal because — all together now — my DVR failed on one of the episodes (4x18 in this case, in one of its fits of "Scheduled recordings? What are those?"). OnDemand has a few episodes at a time, and I think 18 is still available, but I need to hurry if I don't want to miss it.

Still, I haven't otherwise felt urgent; in the past the show has been kind of fun and kind of dumb. The first half of season four felt like an improvement, so I was hopeful. And that seems to be justified. The open was a nicely done fake-out, and while Jack and Allison together were kind of overdone, they also got teased for that (and the first cutesy moment was actually cute). And the little touches were quite good: Fargo acting as a good friend to Jo; Fargo getting the job done like a boss (so to speak, heh); Jack acting rashly per usual but getting called out for that, both before and after being apparently validated by plot developments; numerous levels of innovation from wildly varying technological levels by numerous parties, including Jo; Zane's processing of his side of the time split as stolen memories (it makes so much sense for his perspective!); Allison's science-geeky childhood FTW! The science is probably still dreadful, but now that it's moved more firmly into Mumble Babble Physics, it's not as grating, since I don't know the difference. And Kavan Smith is a hoot. How does he smile like that?! And "I'm on a horse!" — bwah!

So, anyway. I liked stuff for a change! There may be hope for me yet!

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