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SGA books TAKEN!

The books have a new home! The original post is below for, I don't know, posterity or something, but this is all set now. Thanks, folks!

So I bought three SGA tie-in novels before I really knew what I was in for — Death Game, Homecoming, and "The Lost"**. Anybody want 'em? If I can ship 'em to you for under about $5 USD, they're yours.

I'd rather just ship one package, but I might be persuaded to split them up if someone just has to have only one. They'd be free (though if anyone wanted to make a small donation to an animal rescue agency in exchange, I wouldn't say no).

If you're a J/T shipper with a high tolerance for the goings-on I highlighted in my above-linked reviews, or if you have someone who is on a holiday/special occasion shopping list, these may be just what you're looking for! First person to request the set gets it; if no one asks for the whole set by the end of October, let's say, then first person to have requested any single book gets it. If any or all remain by then, I'll donate them to the library or something.

** (I can't be bothered to review this one. It was there.)

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