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Sporadic Meanderings

(A meme-free zone)

userpic policy: See the attributions. If the icon comes from elsewhere, go check the policy there. If it's mine (such as private photos), ask me first. If in doubt, ask me. If I'm misusing your icon, please let me know.

Friending policy: If you want to friend me, I'd prefer to have any idea who you are -- I know you in RL, I've commented on your site, you've commented here, we've crossed somewhere in some fashion -- but I won't go into conniptions if you swoop in from nowhere and friend me. I don't guarantee that I'll friend anyone back (though I do more often than not). I mostly use friending to keep my FL manageable; it's not my statement on anyone's worth or anything like that.

Commenting: Yeah, I keep most of my posts set to allow comments only by registered users and to screen comments from unfriended users. I'm sorry if this is annoying, but it's because of a specific incident. Fic, on the other hand, should be set only to screen anonymous comments, but I frequently forget to set that; so if you get screened for that, my apologies, and I'll try to catch it.

I am a medical software programmer and fanfiction writer. This journal contains a mixture of occasional general-life observations and fanfiction. I generally don't do memes, though I'll bend that rule occasionally for topics I can spin as writing exercises.

My handle is michelel72 here, at Livejournal, at AO3, at Delicious, at Fanfiction.net, and at Wraithbait. All of my stories are cross-posted here, at LJ, and at AO3. (My ID at other sites is used for commenting only.)

All feedback is welcome and appreciated. This includes anonymous comments, anonymous rating-poll responses, and kudos. If my warnings for triggers or squick are inadequate, please let me know (by comment, PM, or email, whichever is easiest).

Other fanworks based on my stories, including (but not limited to) in-'verse stories, art, podfics, and remixes, are fine so long as the related story is cited. If I'm told of derivative/transformative works, I'll happily link to them from the related stories.

I'm primarily a gen writer, but I do or may eventually have occasional het, slash, poly, and/or ace stories. So far all my stories have been in SGA, but that's only because I haven't yet found a story I want to tell in other fandoms.

I don't post WIPs. I do have a couple of open series; both will be expansions of what were meant to be standalone stories.

My favorite dynamics are close friendship and nakama, as well as "found family". I'm generally not interested in explicit sex (I don't object to it; I just usually don't care about it). I don't OTP; when it comes to 'ships, I read a variety and have written a few different ones. My primary focus character is SGA's Rodney McKay, but I like quite a few characters in multiple fandoms.