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Well, curses

So Attleboro's Old Barn is closing.

It's such a shame. The owner is a really stand-up guy who has done a lot for pet rescue, and the Barn has been where I buy my surprisingly large quantities of birdseed in bulk. I only just started buying a cat food by Pro Pac from them — it first seemed a cheap way to feed the local strays and donate to the shelter, but it's done wonders for Daisy's digestion as well. And the Barn has been one of the few ways in which I've actually been able to buy local.

Feh. I'll miss the shop and the people.

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Wild, wild life

I knew I have many, many deer. I knew I had snakes, like the one I nearly stepped on this morning.

Until two minutes ago, though, I had never before seen a fox in my yard. So cool!
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I love the nightlife

Last summer, the back neighbor apparently complained of a deer eating her sunflower. I was skeptical but slowly became persuaded there might be one around, considering the extensive damage my young mimosa trees were sustaining. I later found distinctive tracks in newly dug flowerbeds.

Tonight we got home right about 1am. As I turned into the driveway, my headlights spotlighted five deer in the yard.

Looks like I'm going to have to invest in protective barriers for my vulnerable young trees. But, still ... so cool!